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Don't forget about them.
Throughout their at-war pasts, they each put their physical, mental and spiritual "all" on the line.
They are our heros.
Click the DAV's logo above & honor them with your visit to their internet site that is dedicated to serving and helping all disabled American Vets and their families.

During my 6 years at Kulis Air National Guard Base in Anchorage, Alaska, where I worked in the
computer graphics and video production departments and the Alaska Air Guard's co-editor of our statewide monthly newsmagazine "The Guardian,"
I worked in the HQ building with the woman who in that HQ building during 1993 & 1994 dreamed of, talked with me and with others her ideas about, formulated and eventually in 1994 formally founded the now hugely successful and nationally-venerated T.A.P.S. organization (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), a woman whom I feel honored to have once known and worked alongside of, Bonnie Carroll.

Click here or on the TAPS logo above and visit her organization's site.
"Grief is not a 'mental illness,'" Bonnie says. "It's the price we pay for loving someone."

And another site, dedicated to help we in our Lazy Boys understand just what the American men & women Veterans
choose to do, & then unquestioningly committed to doing, oftentimes putting their own even basic comforts, the wholeness of their limbs, & their very lives in harm's way.

This next outfit is pretty cool....
Click on the banner graphic below to go to and donate just $2 to pay for a cup of hot coffee
for one of our remaining 50,000 servicemen or women working the transitioning over in Iraq & Afghanistan.
For just a $10 gift you can get 5 cups of coffee for a whole group of buds over there, & they'll all know that
"someone back home" cares enough to do this small, thoughtful thing.
Which many times, are the best kind....

Click 'n Give
Right now, please take a moment to click on each of these 4 logos

(Click on one of the sites below & a new tab will open up to the right of this one. Click on that new tab & then click on the "Contribute" button at the top of that site's page.
Come back to this page & please click on the remaining 3 sites, one by one, and they each will open up inside that same new tab).

The Hunger Site The Child Health Site

The Literacy Site The Animal Rescue Site
For each "Contribute" button click on each of these websites' pages, participating corporate sponsors will cover a portion of the costs of each those organization's charitable works.
So with just 8 clicks of your mouse, and going back & forth between tabs a few times, from right there where you're sitting is all it'll take
for you to help these goodwill organizations.
Can't beat that!

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